Mask for pregnancy during this haze period?

Do any of the mummies wear mask during these few days during these haze period? Is it necessary?

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I didnt wear it but i have my n95 on standby in my bag at all times in case it gets into the unhealthy or hazardous range then i will put it in on.

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Depends on you. My opinion, if u find you are coughing or have difficulty breathing, have sinus or asthma then yes get mask ASAP.

I didn't as I am not working. But I close all windows, switch on air purifier & air con at home.

Yes because whatever you breathe in goes to your baby in 30 seconds

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I think will be good to stay indoor and yes, mask up is necessary.

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Yes, better to use N95 mask than surgical mask or cloth mask.

Yes I wear mask whenever I send my daughter to school

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for me I don't. but if u go out often, better to.

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Yes if the PSI level goes up to unhealthy level.

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I didn’t wear. But I bring along just in case