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Birthclub: March 2023


Baby: 1) Can bring your own set but make sure can fit baby else hospital will provide the entire set 😊. (Mine was too big) 2) No need to bring, hospital will provide Just born size and most probably will have leftovers. 3) Included in goodie bag. 4) No need to bring formula, thru out hospital will provide disposable formula. They will offer different brands for you to choose, buy only after you confirm baby can take. Mummy: 1) I wore what I went in with as thru out my stay, I wore hospital gown. 1 maternity bra when I have visitors. 2) Can bring. 3) Can bring. 4) I used Kotex overnight panties for discharge day. Thru out they use maternity pads and disposable undies and will change for me. (For this, please let them know before you change into the gown else once they open, it’s charged.) 5) Also let them know before you change your gown. 6) Can bring along, most probably not much use cause first few days is colostrum, hard to pump out anything. 7) Mine was included in goodie bag. 8) Basic toiletries provided and most probably won’t be deducted even if you don’t use as it’s included in your room charges. 9) No need. 10) No need, they have their standard sanitizer in the room and is charged to your bill already. 11) No need. 12 & 13) If bringing Kotex overnight panties (I brought only 1 for discharge), don’t need #4. 14) Yes. 15) Personal preference or just wear hoodie, room temp adjustable. 16) No need. 17) 1 pair, most probably won’t use since most of the time you’ll be in bed and they have bedroom slippers. (2 days stay) Overall my own hospital bag consist of: - Charger - 1x Kotex overnight panties - Comb - Skincare - Breastpump (for LC to teach me how to use)
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