Baby small :( SOS help !

hello mummies, just visited my gynae, she said my baby is small in my tummy although am 25weeks pregnant now and also hv put on weight. May I ask how do you all increase your LO weight??

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I had the same issue as you when I was pregnant with my LO. His birth weight was 2.3kg, now at 6-months he is a healthy 7.5kg so don't worry! I am not sure if there is really a way to solely direct weight gain at the baby... I was told by KKH's dietician not to consume too much calories, everything in moderation (I was taking those pregnancy milk powder twice a day, on top of regular meals), as it might not result in baby's weight gain, instead it might get "stuck" on me 😕 So ended up I gained 14kg in total, only 2.3kg my LO, hahaha..

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Congratulations! You are going to be in ur 3rd trimester soon. The nutrients intake increases in ur 3rd tri. Do read up with the amount of food you should add on to your diet and check with your dietician during your parentcraft classes. You need more calcium and iron so work on getting foods high in those to beef up your baby!

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I have a sweet tooth, always craving for (not so healthy) famous amos cookies, banana cake, pancake, bubble tea. Baby is gowing well & putting on weight. I am putting on weight too, still under the healthy range. At the same time, I do try to control my 'sweet tooth' in moderation. I guess your baby just need abit more sugar ~

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2y ago

appreciate your advice, dear, i shall try to take in more carbo & sugary items in moderation from now onwards (:

I had the same issue. Took lots of protein (beef, whey powder) and ate lots of durian too. In the end had to induce coz baby a little too big for my body size. Haha. Drink for water! All the best.

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My baby was always small too. I ate lot white rice in the last trimester and managed to get my baby into normal range of weight during birth. My sugar level was alright during last trimester

For me I drink any milk, durian. But durian don't eat too much as it sweet n may cause the baby to be too big. Maybe 1 month 1 - 2 time for durian or 2-3 month 1 time

As long as baby is healthy, mummy no need to worry! Include milk, avacado, chicken essence in your daily intake, most importantly you enjoy, don't force to eat

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thank you dearies mummies (: shall try those methods that shld my small appetite..hehe, hope it works for my baby.

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Eat a lot of ice cream, cake and durian! Hahaha that’s what I ate to increase the weight. Durian is very effective.

Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and also drink milk. But so far all my kids weight below 3kg. The heaviest is 2.89