Baby Weight is only at 1.1kg at 29weeks.

Hello Mummies I need help. Is there any home food remedies to help increase baby's weight? Had a recent check up and was told baby's est weight is only at 1.1kg at 29weeks and that her stomach is small, although everything else is fine. I also know that maybe it takes time for the weight to increase but just to be sure because my first 2 pregnancies i dont have this problem. Also my baby is at a breech transverse position, but placenta is high already. Im hoping she will turn soon too. Would love to hear others advice and feedbacks 💕

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Avocado is a more beneficial fruit so try it, u can also try red meat to boost the baby’s weight. But that’s provided the baby is just lacking nutrients and not other underlying problems. My baby was also low wt and small abdominal size becos of restricted blood flow to the placenta… no matter what i eat, it didn’t help with the baby’s weight gain. Was diagnosed with iugr… so hopefully your case is simpler :)

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2mo ago

i see, thank u so much! hope it all went well❤️

Don't worry, still have plenty of time to catch up. Tri 3 usually baby put on weight quicker. Try eating more avocado, protein, pure chicken essence. Still early for baby to turn so it's still ok

can take mine as reference. my baby was told small in size at 20weeks and grew to be a good size at 24weeks. i had oatmeals, cereal milk, durian, avocado milkshake, fruits, yoghurt and soy milk.

Oh no, that sounds worrying, I can’t advise cause I’m a first time mummy 🥺 Try eating high nutrient food, eat on time & watch your diet well? But I hope your baby is doing just fine!!

Can try drinking soya bean milk, avocado shake or make ur own susu kurma

Materna milk helps! And kurma since it's great for expecting mothers.

You can try eating durian but not so much tho cause of the heat.

What about drinking pregnancy milk and eating avocado?

take avocado milk shake