I m 32weeks 3 days pregnant. My baby weight 1769g. Doctor said it's normal,its nearer to average. But for me its little small. Doctor said we ll induce baby on 37 weeks. So within that i need to increase baby 's weight. What shld i do?

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Not sure about the induction, if gynae mentioned that your baby is within normal weight range. Perhaps could find out more on his reasons for induction? My baby was briefly diagnosed with small for gestational age (SGA) at 34 weeks at only 1.8kg (5th percentile). For me, my gynae preferred to put us on surveillance and monitor baby's growth. He did say that induction at term is a possibility, if my baby still looked small at the next growth scan or if there's an issue picked up from the doppler (e.g amniotic fluid level, placental/ umbilical cord flow etc). My gynae said thay bringing her out early is a means of checking on her physically, that scans may not have otherwise picked up. Anyway, I took avocados, eggs and maternal milk ( I think there's no difference across brands, more of taste and flavour preference) for 2 weeks straight in between my scans. I honestly don't know if the 34 weeks' scan's measurements were off, which both gynae and sonographer said could be due to position of baby, or whatever I ate helped her gain weight. Her estimated weight became 2.5kg at 36 weeks (28th percentile). My gynae said everything is normal and he's happy with the measurements, so we've taken off induction as the delivery plan for now. I personally just wanted my baby to hit at least 2.5kg so she's not considered a low birth weight baby, as there may be some other health and feeding issues for babies smaller than that. It's also kind of debated whether your food intake will get to the baby too. I've also been told by other mummies that their small-ish babies all gained weight well after delivery. There's still some time to go for your pregnancy :) I'm sure your baby will turn out alright! Take it easy and don't stress yourself out!

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My 32 weeks growth scan estimated baby to be around 1.9kg (the baby actually gained almost 1kg since previous scan about 4 weeks before). Gynae said everything seems okay, and I am gaining sufficient weight. Agree with the others, maybe check with your gynae the reason for induction? Usually they will suggest that only if your baby hasn't been gaining any weight since the last checkup, but I think 32 weeks is still a bit early for that.

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I think just increase the weight when your baby comes out. Easier to deliver. Besides, your doctor confirm that it's normal.


Mummy try take more potato or durian. I crave them so much during my pregnancy that my baby is so heavy.

Normal but why need to induce at 37 weeks? If no GD can eat durian by moderation to fatten baby up.

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Take maternal milk and eat some durian to increase baby weight as well if you do not have GDM.

Just curious abt why need to induce at 37 Weeks, can share?

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Can eat ice cream and durian to increase the baby weight...

more milk, 2 Eggs and bananas

Eat avocado to increase weight