No plain water during confinement

Hello mummies, is it true that during confinement no plain water is allowed? Will it cause water retention? What about diluting the red dates tea so it is less “heaty”. Any mummies experienced it? Thanks!!

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It's an myth. Even the TCM physicians say to drink warm plain water. Not everyone can take the red dates tea everyday. I saw a TCM physician before discharge, and she told me to drink red dates tea on alternate days since I was already heaty before starting confinement. I told that to my confinement nanny, and she insisted on me drinking the red dates tea daily, but diluted. But I still felt that it was too heaty, especially since I was also eating all the very heaty food at the same time. I was so heaty, my baby rejected me when I carried her, since my body was so warm 😅 For the first week, I experienced very bad swelling in my feet, even though I didn't drink any plain water. For me, it was bcos I was on IV for 6 hours during delivery. Your body will take time to expel the excess water through sweating and passing urine. During that time, you need to be hydrated enough, so your body knows not to hold on to that excess fluid. I was drinking around 2-3L of fluids daily (1L red dates tea, 1L red bean soup, 1L soup), but I still felt dehydrated. So I started to also drink warm plain water in the 2nd week. My swelling subsided on the 12th day.

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Definitely a myth! Even while in confinement, you need to drink plenty of water & no, it will not cause water retention. You'll sweat alot during confinement and can't risk of dehydration especially if you're bf-ing your bb. I'll attach together a post from 1 of the confinement caterer.

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Just curious as this is the first time I'm hearing this. At any stage shouldn't water intake be essential? I get headache if I don't drink enough water. This is my first pregnancy (2nd trimester currently) So I don't know if we have any such restriction too

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No. Pregnant women should drink at least 2 litre of water daily. Not enough water may make you have headache, constipation and dehydration. So do drink up

I personally took more warm water than red dates tea during my confinement as it was heaty for me. I started getting ulcers. Didn't experience water retention. I also found myself very very thirsty so I just drank water to hydrate.


you can take warm water a few sip or max half a cup if you want to have proper confinement. yes it will cause water retention. and during confinement surprisingly your body can take in alot of heaty stuff to nourish your body.

Tried and tested. Drink water all you want! Dehydration causes water retention and not the fact that you chug water down. You will get extremely thirsty especially when you breast feed.

warm water is fine...I can't take red dates tea u say..too heaty. made me nose bleed and even caused my baby to lose her voice

Red dates tea also water haha just that it helps blood circulations and warms ur body so they say red dates tea is good

Please drink as much plain water as you want! It is fine and recommended, especially if you have swollen legs.

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Warm water is fine(: