3 month old not sleeping through night

Hi mummies, any tips to help baby sleep through the night? She just turned 3 months but still waking up every 2h at night and contact naps in the day. Is this normal?

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my baby is 3months 2 weeks old. some days she sleeps early at night and wont wakeup till morning. but somedays she wont sleep till 3am and still wakeup 2-3hrs for milk. maybe can set a routine, lessen their nap time dont go more than 2hrs per nap. nighttime, find a soothing music or like my baby she will sleep to the sound of rain 😂 darken the room, makesure her diaper is change and she/he is well fed. after they sleep continue putting ur hand on top of them for abt 20mins enough time for them to go into deep sleep. if they wakeup for milk do not turn on the lights dont make eye contact cause they might think its playtime 🤭 as for contact naps, keep on trying to put them down to sleep. its okay if they wakeup 15-20mins after , soothe them and try putting down again. you can do this mama! some days are easy and somedays are hard. i fully breastfeed so my struggle is the only way to soothe or put her down to sleep is to latch 😂 no pacifier no rocking. trial and error okay ❤️❤️

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Try different ways of napping like feeding then patting / rocking to sleep.. baby will eventually learn that they can sleep without constant contact. ☺️ Also be careful not to nap too close to bedtime. It’s normal for baby to still wake for night feeds my baby does that too. For me, i will catch my baby’s first “awake” time (when she starts rubbing her face or squirming in her sleep with eyes closed) in the night and feed her before her eyes are wide open.

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Absolutely normal. Their body will adjust a lot in the first 6-8months, sleep regression will kick in too. So don’t be stressed if some nights are better than others! It will get better mama, hang in there. Contact naps are also normal, but don’t make it a habit, it will be hard to avoid as they grow

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mine has yet to sttn at 3 mth but did start to sleep longer like 6hrs max.. they are still adjusting.. it will be better frm 4mths onwards.. but need to note if you are feeding enough for your baby e.g. increase amt milk intake alittle..