Hi mummies, How do u train baby to sleep through the night?

My 10 months old baby is still waking up consistently at 1am and 5am for feed every night. Last feed at night is at 9pm. He has been taking 2 solids per day and 3 times of milk feed during day time. Is there any way to train him to sleep through the night? #pleasehelp

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Is the night feeding due to hunger or comfort. If you think he’s having enough during the day, can reduce quantity, dilute the milk and eventually feed only water. My son wants milk for comfort, i did that for a week and he no longer wakes up for milk, even if he’s awake, he will fall aslp on his own again since he’s not interested in having water middle of the night. If it’s due to hunger, can offer more during the day. Do you do sleeping training (letting him fall asleep on his own during bedtime without you around?) if he can go to sleep on his own, he will be able to fall back to sleep easily when he wakes in the middle of the night. Both my kids has no problem with it, they sleep on their own since 3mths old.

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My son wants milk for comfort. he had enough milk and solids during the day. We tried giving him water at night but he cried and refused. Only wants milk and can sleep after drinking. He does not know how to sleep independently, have to pat or rock him to sleep. Did you sleep train your kids?