6 month old still not sleeping at night

Baby turned 6 months old last week. She is breastfed direct latch and still wakes up very frequently at night - max 2 hours. I think she associates latching to sleep? Any tips to help her sleep through the night without waking up to latch?

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baby is turning 7month soon. she direct latches only some days she'll wakeup every 2-3hrs at night to comfort latch to go back to sleep. some days she'll just sleep till morning. it depends on their intake during the day and also whether they tire themself out a not.

1y ago

Thanks for replying! My baby’s turning 7 months soon too but she’s honestly quite consistent in her night wakes.. there hasn’t been a day where she sleeps till the morning even tho she might have been super tired in the day. Care to share what happened in the day time for your baby that she slept till morning?

there are some babies with more feeding needs so they wake up more.. my cousin’s baby still wakes up every few hours throughout until now 1 year old.