10-week old not sleeping through night

Hi all, just wondering if your 10-week/2 month old is sleeping through the night for 5h? My baby still wakes up every 2h to feed. Anyone can share how to make baby sleep 5h at night?

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My first child, she wakes up every 3 hrs for milk at night while in the morning/afternoon she naps alot. After few months her sleeping pattern change and she sleep long hours. I do know of some mummies that sleep train their baby but I dont do that as I'm not use to it.

my little one sleeps through the night but she still wakeups to feed once/twice depends. but its normal cause for me if she wakesup just to feed doesnt really count. unless she wakeup cry or wants to play 😅😂

I used LittleOnes app and my LO sleeps for 5 hrs straight every night.

it's normal