Baby waking up every night for 3 months

My baby is currently going 10 months old and ever since she's about 6-7 months old, she has been waking up during midnight between 2.30am - 4am every single night. No matter what time she sleep, she will always wake up at this timing. We tried putting her to bed at 10pm, same thing happened. We even let her sleep at 2am but still wakes up at 3-4am crying hysterically with eyes closed. Is this a phase or should I seek for superstitious help? 😂 Too mentally exhausting alr. Previously she was a good sleeper whom sleep through the night between 2 months old - 6 months old.

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Super Mum

So weird. Doesn't sound like a phase to me..

2y ago

I felt so too...

Is she teething?

2y ago

Hi! She already had her 2 bottom incisors out but the rest haven't grow out yet 😂