Hi mummies, do you think is it worth to invest a good playmat ? Currently I have one which is a passed down item, not those thick type and got tear and wear. I personally feel it too hard for baby so am looking for getting another one, I saw those parklon type really expensive. Can mummy share any good playmat at affordable price. Thanks

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I used to think playmat is not necessary because afterall most of us grew up without one and we hit all our milestones right. I took a hand me down Parklon playmat from my cousin recently not the expensive PU type but the Cheaper PE type and well it really gives me peace of mind. My gal is cruising around a lot and having the playmat at the spot where her toys are give me peace of mind. But then again she cruises everywhere these days so last week she just fell backwards at the spot where we did not lay the playmat. I will think getting a playmat will be good. But don't have to get the most expensive one but at least go for one with reasonable thickness. My husband bought one from Tao bao and geez it is a waste of money because it is so thin. The PE Parklon one I am using has good thickness but it is not durable, already some parts are chipping off. 3M seems good to me but I think it is not so cheap if you want to get a decently big size area ?

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I bought a cheap one too, and it was more of a pain than comfort because it's a little rough on the surface and not exactly well padded. In the end, we just went without it and let LO play on the floor mattress that we sleep on! Alternatively, I know of parents who get cheap floor mattresses or invest in a good Seahorse foldable mattress - which can be used in the future too :)

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There is no need for a playmat actually. But we bought it bcos we moved into a new hse & to prevent baby & children to spoil the floorings wif toys (throwing toys), we bought one. Juz for protection of flooring. We advise children to play on e mat only.

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I bought at baby fair. Itz so ex. Medium size, thin one, $179..

I never had a playmat, they outgrew it too fast. I had a good one initially for my first born. Subsequently for my second i decided that its not necessary. If i really need to get 1 ill look for it on carousell most prolly.

Cheaper in Malaysia. Bought parklon ard sgd 50, while fisher price is ard 70. Quite good quality too. I bought from Indah mall.

Good to have 1 but not necessary to buy an expensive one. Let bb settle down on mat to play or look at the mat's pictures....

I think a cheap one is good enough as u won’t use it for too long

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Can try secondhand parklon fro Carousell. Parklon is really good

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We are using the 3m playmat. Baby loves it

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3M play mat is thick and durable