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Bumper playmat or bubble playmat? I'm intending to get a Parklon playmat for my 7 month old girl. Any advice on which to get? I'm confused between bumper and bubble playmat.

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I got myself 1 biggest parklon bumper playment when my girl is 6month old and got another medium size 1 to put inside bedroom as my girl sleep on matress in a aircon room so it protect the cold watervapour on the floor. Its help alot when my lo start to learn flipping and walking , the thickness cushion protect them from any baby falls. My lo nap there in the afternoon and it too fit adult sometime we nap together with my lo. But do check the dimension online so that you can have a guage of the dimesion that fit the location you want put..Baby fair is the best place to go and have alook

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Bubble playmat is thicker compared to bumper playmat. I got the biggest size available and the thickness I got was 1.5cm (the thickest a few years ago). I would suggest you to go down and test out the softness for your comfort keeping in mind of the location you will be placing the mat (best to measure the area before going down) and would baby's fall be cushion if baby fall from potential climbing areas.

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