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Hi mummies do u all still hve the 3hrs once milk time even when baby is now 17mths? Or jst let baby sleep untill she Is hungry wakes up by herself then u all feed the milk? Pls share views thks

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I would be soo grateful for the time to sleep! Personally i believe there’s no need to wake LO up if they’re sleeping soundly (sleep is good for development) plus since bb is alr 17mths most nutrition can be taken when awake in the form of solids :)

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Let baby sleep. 17months will be somehow like adult. As in normally adult doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night for food. So by right, can feed the child milk before zzz and that will be able to drag till morning when the child wakes up. 10-12hrs

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Nah 17 month definitely no need to have "standard" 3h milk time, unless baby is underweight or low percentile weight range. If baby can sleep through the night, it would be the best. Count your blessings that you don't need to do night shift anymore.

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At 17 months, my little one had 3 meals and day and 4 milk feeds a day (after waking up, before nap, after nap, before bedtime). Most of the nutrition can come from the meals already:)

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I let my 21mo baby sleep until she cries then latches since she was born.

let her sleep. thank God for that and u catch up on rest too.

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Let her sleep, she will wake up when hungry ☺️


when hungry they will ask from u

Wait till she wakes up on her own

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just let baby sleep