Helo mummies my LO IS 1YRS 6MTHS ++ & Her sleeping hrs r like once awake at 10am then after breakfast around 2pm nap then wakes up 3pm then fm then VERY HYPER (WON'T SLEEP) Onli can make her sleep after her diner tat can even make time to hit 11.30pm (ACTUALLY HOW MUCH DOES UR LO'S SLEEP CAN SHARE UR VIEWS & IN 2 MTHS time she will be hitting to school so guess her sleeping time will be more SHORTER!!! Mhhhhhh any advise???

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Yes! I know how u feel. My lo is coming 19m too. Lo nap 1 time only. Max 1.5hr or 2 hr. So at night can sleep early haha. At this age they can nap once already 🙂 Before start school lo will awake at 9am latest , always sleep at 9-10pm. Once awhile 11pm+ If awake like early 8am, lo sleeps early. Suggest you can wake lo up earlier. So lo will use to school’s timing. Eg Wake up 7am, 8-8.30am breakfast, 11+am - 12pm lunch, 1pm nap (milk before nap), 3pm snacks, 6-7pm dinner . 8-9pm sleeping time. Do you have school time table & food menu? Have a copy of it. So you can practice school’s routine:)

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The more baby grow older the lesser time they sleep during noon . If you give them sleep more in the noon end up night they can’t sleep thru the night .

Mine sleeps at 9pm . Woke up at 8am . Nap time 12.30-2.30pm . So sleeps about 13 hrs daily

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Great idea Thks a lot dear