Hi. my LO is 5month plus but she still doesnt sleep thru the night. when she wakes up in the middle of the night, i still latch her... on rare occasions, she doesnt need milk and can go to sleep by patting. when do u stop the middle of the night latching?

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maybe she is teething and she has greater demand for food so the milk in the day time is not sufficient to keep her full enough to sleep through the night. my boy could sleep for 6-7 hours straight in the night until he started teething at about 4-5 months and he has since been waking up for night feeds until recently at 10 months, he started sleeping 6-7 hours straight again. every baby is different though. I have a friend whose baby didn't sleep through the night until she was 3 years old!

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different kids really different not all babies sttn when their babies. my 1st born had her monthly routine where she'll wake up hourly then 3hrly then 4-5hrly etc etc but my 2nd girl since NB she loved sleeping... and I'd have to wake up just to check if she was still alive!! lol!! so don't worry mommy if you feel baby need to latch on still let baby latch on... =)

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7y ago

thanks mummy for the encouragement to latch on. many telling me to use pacifier but it's not always working. so is kinda headache for me. the encouragements help alot

my 5 month girl also dun sleep thru night.. she will sleep b4 10pm then wake up abt 3 - 3.30 to drink b4 back to sleep again.. only if u r lucky she will sleep thr out till next morning.. I tin they r hungry tat y unable to sleep the out cos during middle of the night she will drink at least 120 ml b4 she can go back to sleep..

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7y ago

Shihan mine is same as yours exactly, @ 15 mths now. I fully latch.

you can do it mommy!! it's all about endurance.. =) to be honest my 2nd I bf her till she was 3years old so weather you wanna call it pacifying or latching on , every night she looks for her comfort!=) and yes my boobs had a lot of milk event hough she was 3 lol!!! hope you and baby are all happy happy!! =)

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When they want to latch, is just a comfort for them. I latch my boy till 2yo! He still wakes in the middle of night. But after since he goes childcare, he slowly drop the no of time to wake up. Then naturally stop it! It takes time.

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I guess it's a bit hard, till their teeth is fully grown finish, as sometime they tend to suck for comfort during teething period. There is time he can sleep through very long, i guess no teething discomfort to disturb him.

I saw a video on baby sleep 911.. U can google the website n see the video.. There is a video on helping you baby to sleep thru the night.. http://www.parents.com/baby/sleep/911/

mine is 13 months and not sleeping thru the night too. But sleeping for maybe longer hours before he wakes up to whine for Milk a least once. Think need some time.

This is probably comfort sucking. Might want to consider having a pacifier for her to sleep thru without disturbing u. :)

my older one now 3yr sometimes still wakes up to ask for comfort milk.