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Cleaning Newborn's Mouth
How do you clean your Newborn's tongue and gums? My LO is two months old now, and I've tried using the tongue cleaner as well as finger gauze. Each time she'd crying bloody murder or throw up (even th
My DD is going 2 months. I use the Nuk oral wipe to clean her tongue. Sometime she fuss and couldn’t open her mouth. Is normal.
I used warm wet handkerchief to clean
I use a cotton pad, dipped in boiled warm water.. try to distract her with some cute facial expressions to encourage her to open her mouth before sticking your finger in to clean her tongue. Hope that
I use wet cloth, clean after shower
U can buy oral wipes from NUK brand and wwrap around your finger.
Baby's First Social Laughter
When did your baby first laugh? Not the reflexive laughter, but social laughter in response to someone/something.
Baby Feeding Less At Night
Is it normal that my baby drinks less milk at night as compared to the daytime? She's 2 months old, and take 100ml per 3 hours but only breastfeeds for about 5 minutes per feeding at night.
As long as her diapers meets the requirement and she doesn't look dehydrated, that's perfectly fine. Cannot look at weight that much, some gets fat faster than others.
What’s your baby’s weight?
2 Month Old Night Schedule
My 2 month old LO still wakes for feedings (breastfeeding) every 2.5-3 hours at night. And she only feeds for less than 10 minutes each time. Is that normal? I read that babies this age generally slee
It depends on individual babies. My 10 months plus still wakes for 1-3 times for night feeds ... :)
Depends on the baby. Not all babies can sleep 4-5 hours at 2months old. My lo slept 2 hr to 2.5 hr during 2months old. Hardly at 3 hr. Maybe you can try by slowly increase milk to lo stomach capa