How many kg do you gain when you were at week 15?

Hello mummies, Just wana know if I am on the right track for my weight gain progressions! So far I have gained 2kg at my week 15. Is it too much?

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I only start gaining weight at 20 weeks onwards. first few weight drop. whole pregnancy 36 weeks gain 22kg. it really depend on individual.


I’m only at week 11 and I already gained 4kg 🥺 really struggling with the body changes n I’m scared.

2KG range is okay lahhh~ my #1 i total gained 14KG (exceeded the 2 kg mark twice in a row) lol

3 kg at 15 weeks : )

1kg on week 15

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4y ago

I mean 4kg during week 15. Now already 10kg