pumping at work

hi mummies, pls share on how u pump at work : - how many x hourly? - store milk in bottles or milk bags? - if milk bags, must still wash and sterilise bottles? (using medela) - must wash and sterilise pump parts each time? - do you have electric sockets in your office pump room? very hard to find that in malls and even polyclinic! thank you.

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Super Mum

I used to pump twice at work, after 6 months reduced to once because too much hassle. Latch baby right before work, pump once at 2-3pm and go home feed baby again. If you pump more than once then need to wash and dry but no need to sterilise, can sterilise at home. Any part that touches the milk need to wash. My workplace has socket in nursing room but the pump I use can be used 4-5 times before having to charge.

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