Im joining work in a couple of weeks' time. Pls can anyone share their pumping schedule and how to build a freezer stash. Also how to pump at work, sterilise pump parts, store milk and transport back home? Thanks in advance.

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If you're direct latching your LO, you can pump out the excess after each feed to freeze. I pump in the morning at 6am, then feed my girl (or if she wakes up first then I'll feed her then pump). Then pump at 1 plus (sometimes 11+ if there's a meeting at 1+, 2) then another 1 around 4+, 5. Then go home will be latching my girl whenever she want then pump again before I go to bed at ard 12. So far, I haven't touched my frozen stash yet. At work, I'm very blessed my previous company has a very nice nursing room and fridge for us to store ebm. My current place doesn't have a nursing room but there's a nice room where we can go pump. So you can also go see if there's any nursing room, or meeting room where you can use. I don't sterilize my pump parts at work. I keep them in a air tight container and keep in the fridge. Only wash and sterilize when I get back. Some ppl also use hot water, and some use sterilizing pills. I use a fridge to go which has been an excellent help in transporting my milk and stuffs. A normal cooler bag with ice pack does the trick too unless you're traveling very long distance.

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Around 2 weeks before I went back to work, I pump once at night after baby's last feed. She will wake up for milk once in the middle of the night, so after she's done and gone back to sleep, I'll pump another time. The rest of the day I direct latch. Now that I'm back to work, I'll still pump once after her last night feed, then my next pump session will be at 6am before I prepare for work. During office hours, I pump twice. Once at 11am and once and 4pm. So far so good and haven't touched my f