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Hi mummies, I like to know if my current practice of handling my pump parts and milk bottles is correct. 1. After pumping, i will store the pump parts and bottles into fridge immediately (without rinsing) and continue using them for the next pump cycle. I will wash them with soap and UV sterilized them at the end of the day. This is the same for haakaa. Should I be washing the bottles every round or it’s ok to re-use them this way? 2. I will mix a pump of pigeon liquid cleanser to some tap water and rinse/ brush my pump parts and milk bottles. Is this sufficient? If not, how do u wash them?

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Hi there! 1) I’m doing the same as how you’re handling pump parts n bottles. But last time when I was still using Haakaa then I wash after every use before sterilising in Haenim! 2) I think depending on the brand of liquid cleansers, the instructions at the back of the bottle got some say should be diluted with water (like you mentioned) n some can just use directly. I think Pigeon Brand’s liquid cleanser one is to use directly without dilution one? You can check the bottle, my friend :) Not sure if dilution will affect anything though!

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I used to store my pump in the fridge too but I stopped after reading this article If there really is no other way, I guess storing in the fridge is still acceptable but it's not the ideal way.

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Hi , you should clean the pump parts after each use. However I do know of some who put them in e fridge which is fine. Washing with liquid soap and warm water is fine.

For (1), i think at least wash every other round will be better, rather than washing only at end of day