Your Lucky And Blessed..

Hey mummies out there! You are lucky to have someone on your side if theyre (father to be) willing to take the responsibility for what they have done to you. On the bright side, maybw theyre gone for your own good. But, in the end, its just you and your baby. So dont necglect your own partner, whom you share the laugh, the epic story, the sad ones, and everything. Your side is being filled for a reason, and at times likes this is the most needed by mummies like me. Well, single mom to be is what Im going to be soon enough. I will make the decision for this baby and myself only. And I will keep going strong for both of us. Just considered youre lucky to have such a partner. And some dont have that kind of luck. ?? Sorry this is just my writing for myself. For those who shares this feeling with me, its okay. We are not alone. We still have our families, friends and other single mom out there. Dont be stressed out too much. Be happy. Be strong. And be confident. We can do this. We can fight this! Thank you for reading and thank you for not being judgemental❤️?? Plus: Im not proud to be what I am right now, and dont follow my lead. This is the road that have been planned for me❤️ and Im grateful cause Im still alive and carrying another life inside me. We didnt want this to happen but it still happen and we accept. Because we know, its planned for better not for worst❤️ Much love from me❤️

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And please consider you are lucky because you have a baby coming! I am sure your child will love you the most in the whole wide world! Babies need their mothers the most so by hook or by crook we have to stay strong. I understand we may have depressive episodes but I hope we may overcome this issue within us. Don't forget to seek medical attention if it gets too serious. Stay strong mommy! You have all the support from me and my jellyfish! 👩‍👧👩‍👧💖 Single mothers are strong!

Baca lagi
3y ago

Aww thats cute! Cute jellyfish❤️ yeah we tends to be strong no matter what happen. And yeah I am lucky to have this little baby inside me right now❤️ Afterall, we only have each other now❤️ Thank you so much❤️❤️

yeahhh.....u strong mom...u can do it..u can face it.what ever happen...I want u to take care yourself and your baby..god bless u!!😍😍😍😍

3y ago

most welcome mom..!❤️

and lucky you for being this positive. it is good for u n the baby.. good luck Mommy. stay strong.. and always take care for both of you.

3y ago

Thank you♥️🙏 much appreciated