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Hey everyone, i just did my NT Scan yesterday (I'm at week 11) and we found out that the NT of my baby is at 2.5mm (where normally it should be below 2mm). So my gynae suggested to do a complete NIPT test to check the risk of down syndrome and other genetic issues. This is just to be on the safe side, nothing is quite sure yet at this stage yet until i get my result. Anyone else experienced this and is it possible for this to happen for a normal healthy baby? Any comments will be appreciated. #advicepls #firstbaby #firstmom #pregnancy #pleasehelp #1stimemom

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Hi. I don’t quite remember the size of my baby’s NT however I also did a test before. Not the complete NIPT test but its a blood test to check for any genetic abnormalities. It turns out normal for me. Hope everything goes well for you and for your baby to be healthy 💐

9mo ago

Thank you so much 😊 my gynae suggested NIPT to be on the safe side, because it has higher accuracy than the normal blood test. So i think they won't suggest this if everything is ok with your NT scan. The result will only be in 2 to 3 weeks later so I'm praying hard 🙏

hai mommy .. what condition your baby now . i baru je buat nt scan and result 2.2mm .. doctor suggest to test blood .but its so expensive . i have no money .. but i'm so worried about my baby .. i just want to know is your baby lahir normal??

1mo ago

doakan anak i lahir normal jugk .so worried 😔