Hi Mummies, is it ok to drink this when pregnant right? As im sick and having cough flu and been vomiting 5/6 times since this morning. Feels like having fever. Sigh....

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You are having morning sickness too? Lemon water you can drink! Sour palms / mints / milk , or any can stop nausea or vomiting . Any that works for you. This is quite cooling. Cooling stuffs bad for baby lungs. Prolly take 1 is fine. Best is go see GP!

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4y ago

Alright noted with thanks 😊❤

As what I know this one is not good for pregnant woman (my doctor told me to avoid such of this drinks) If you having cough or flu better do natural remedies.


This is rather cooling. Better to see a doc and get some preg safe medication.

Better not.. this is a bit too cooling. Better see doc

I stayed away frm this and had barley/honey lemon instead.

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Please see dr instead of self medicate

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Go see dr is better. Take care

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Better consult a doctor.

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Better not!