Sick while pregnant

Recently my husband fell sick. And i guess now is my turn... having sore throat and flu, occasionally headache as well. Im afraid next would be fever.. But i know that when we're pregnant we shouldnt be taking any medications as it might cus any complications. Just wondering any mummies fell sick while being preg and ate any med? Or should i visit the gynae ? #firstbaby #pregnancy #1stimemom

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Im also trying to nurse my heatiness. Itchy throat n blocked nose (but my nose is forever blocked because i got sensitive nose which always causes backflow) I by accident took panadol extra and gastric meds the last time even though i was alr pregnant and didnt noe....

On the contrary, if you are sick, you shld eat Med. Especially preg woman. You won’t want those virus hanging in ur body . Pls see a doc & inform them you are preg. They will prescribe you pregnancy safe Med. Get well soon

Kindly visit the doctor and seek medical advice and help. Especially when we are pregnant and with Covid situation, we need to be more careful about it. Take good care and God bless you and Baby.

A must to inform your gyna. they know our health and which medicine can intake. hope you and your husband will be well soon. drink more water the weather is hot and haze is strong too.

Paracetemol is completely safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mums but of course do not exceed more than 8 tabs. If still not doing any better then yes, pls see a dr to check.

If you are sick go to the hospital because I experienced before when I have high fever and I did not go to hospital, I lost my baby

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Regular panadol is safe during pregnancy. But remember to drink plenty of water.

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panadol is probably the only medicine u can take.