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My LO is 5. 5mths now, he recently fall sick. Got himself cough, flu and sometimes fever (ard 37.8 degree). He been to the clinic and were given medicines. But it has been almost a week and he is still not recovering. Is this normal?

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Fever has been up n down for a week? Or he has recovered from fever only left cough n flu for a week? Are you bf-ing or give fm? Pd dont recommend give medicine below 6m though. Did you went to normal clinic? Any teething signs too? Did baby got any injection recently?

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4y ago

Perhaps when you bring lo to normal clinic , babies easily pass virus to each other. So it may on n off fever. Baby’s immune system is still weak for infants. Also do look for signs if any teething. Sometimes it can be combinations of teething n fever etc. You can get infant vitamins c drop to put in the milk bottle.. it will help to boost lo immunity. If you are giving fm, you can put less 0.5 scoop. Eg 120ml is 4 scoops, you give 3.5 scoops. Have you started any solids foods yet?