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Hi mummies. Is it necessary to have baby cot for new born baby when husband is a little rough when he’s asleep?

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i think its not a necessity but if ur feeling worried than best is to get a cot and ur baby can sleep safe and sound in it

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Safer to let baby sleep in the cot. You can get those cots that can be placed beside your bed.

I would think so, my friend! Better to keep a newborn safely tucked in his/her own bed!

Yes for safety of your newborn since your husband is a little rough during sleeping...

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Good to have! You can also buy those cot, tgt with detachable changing table

Hi, Yes you should have it. Yo can look at reasonable options at Carousell

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Its better if you have one when you know your husband's sleeping issues.

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Hi... get a reasonably priced baby cot from ikea or Carousell

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One of the major reason why my MIL bought me a cot hahahaha

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Safer to let baby sleep in cot to prevent accidents.