Is a baby cot necessary?

Wondering if I should get baby cot or bassinet for infant.

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i think really depends wat u want to achieve eventually. if u wan to sleep train ur baby in their own room, then u will need a cot (buy those convertible) so can continue to use when older. if not that expensive if buy during sales like 12.12. only 200+ brand new with mattress. if u wan convenience, then a bedside bassinet/travel cot or a lounger will be gd (provided ur room or bed has enuf space to put them). personally im getting a cot as i want to sleep train my baby early and to get enuf rest in my own room, without seeing the baby 🤣 a little break is gd. also if there is visitor when the baby is sleeping, they can see him in his own room instead of my room. more privacy.

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Personally yes a baby cot is necessary. A bassinet is only good for a few months as when baby can learn to sit up, the bassinet will be unsafe. If you intend to co-sleep, then perhaps a cot isn’t necessary for you. A cot is helpful when baby learns to roll around as it would be safer compared to having them sleep on the bed where they can potentially fall off the bed. Unless you are able to let baby sleep on a floor mattress. I suggest to get those playpen type of cot with the mesh sides. I have the wooden cot and my baby knocks her head on the wooden panels and likes to pull on the cot bumpers

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I find a bedside bassinet / cot useful, for better peace of mind. Those that come with wheels are versatile, especially for daytime naps. I have had a bassinet, travel cot and proper cot, hand me downs as well as purchase 2nd hand. my baby has outgrown the bassinet and sleeping in the travel cot by my bed. the cot functions more as a changing station for now, she will eventually upgrade into it when she is ready to sleep in her own room.

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Not for me, my mil insisted on getting one but ended up as storage instead. My LO is now 2yo and never slept in the cot before. I got a baby nest (so baby can be slightly elevated rather than same level as us) to put on the bed to cosleep as I bf so it’s easier for me.

I bought a baby cot just so we can push the cot around and not necessarily sleep with me or in my room. More convenient if you need it to move around the house often.

Normally baby cot is more expensive than bassinet.For more affordable,can buy a baby playpen..can use it until ur baby is older.Survey first which one suits you.

Yes, very important. By right baby’s bones are yet hardened, they need harder mattress. So buy the baby cot with the mattress.

My baby sleeps in a baby nest/lounger too. We co sleep and I’m loving it

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We have a cot and the lounger, till now our 8 month old baby still sleeps in the lounger. The cot serves as an activity station cause it’s filled with toys 🤣 I would say you don’t have to rush getting a cot, see which is more convenient to your home condition and baby’s preference.


not necessary for my kidz