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Hello mummies, I'm thinking to start preparing for baby room.. however shld I let my elder and 2nd slp in the same room?? I do have a spare room.. my elder 1 is boy, upcoming is ger.. The reason I'm thinking to put them together so tat they can bond and in case they both need me, I can just accompany both..

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Hi, The newborn will need you at her sleeping time from 6 months to 1 year and yes after that I think you should have their rooms together to have a better bonding time :) I grew up the same way and it helps :)

The newborn sleep with you first for 6 month to 1 year. Then let them sleep together to bond. They are many other ways to let them bond but sleeping might be better with you for newborn/baby.

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Depends on how light a sleeper your elder child is. Mine is a very light sleeper so it was a bad idea. One wake up, both wake up and end up no one sleeps. 😅

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Better to let baby sleep in baby cot beside you till baby is 6 months. You can put the children in the same room after 6 months.

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Can but wait till your younger one turns older, 10 mths old will be better.

I find it more convenient to have the newborn in my room