Sleeping arrangement during confinement

Hi mummies, I have hired a CL and the tentative sleeping arrangement will be me+nanny+baby in the master room. I do not have extra spare room as my in laws stay with me. My hubby will sleep at living room for the one month. Will it be ok for the nanny to share the same bed with me? As my master room still need to place the baby cot, and will only have space for a foldable mattress ( put on floor kind) if I do not share bed with the nanny. I read from the contract that it is best for the Nanny to have mattress with bedframe. If unable to have bedframe, then at least a 3 inch thick mattress. Any advises or things to consider? Thanks!!

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Best to ask nanny if she’s okay with sharing your bed. If she ok, you ok then no issue.