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Do you change your baby’s diapers before or after feeding? Nurse told us to change before feeding but baby will surely poop and pee after feeding. But she’ll turn from sleeping to awake when changing 😓

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I don’t have a fixed preference. The only fixed routine I will change before feeding is when I know she’s sleepy so after that she will just drink and sleep. Other times I change as and when needed 😃 (if after feeding I will let her rest 10-15 mins before changing cause she keeps flipping like prata now 😵)

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I used to change her diapers after feeding.. but realised that after feeding they tend to sleep and when you change their diapers as u need to wipe them with wet tissue, they will be awake. so now I change them before feeding and it is much better as the baby's sleep don't get interrupted after drinking milk.

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I change after feeding from newborn until now 20 months old. Not used to changing before feeding. She’ll definitely wake up after changing though but it’s okay, I can play with her a while before she goes back to sleep.

Before so that baby sleeps right after feeding. Allows us to get to bed faster as well, since everything is taken care of.

After unless there's poop. Else I just wait for next feeding round n change before feed or whenever baby is awake

I change before feeding to prevent regurgitation after feeding. If after feeding she poop then change again.

I change before feeding too, because if I change after feeding, she might regurgitate and puke her milk....

Before feeding to prevent reflux