How you all cope?

Breastfeeding baby. Sometimes baby poops immediately after feed and again she will ask for milk. I feel that milk isn't enough as she just fed. How do you all deal with it?

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I went through that too. I try to relatch on the other side to let baby suckle. But if you really have not enough, and baby cannot wait anymore, just top up with a little bit of formula to tide baby over. Then when your milk comes in, latch baby again. Breastfeeding is not supposed to be stressful or make you feel guilty. Don’t let anyone mum shame you. You’re doing an amazing job!

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2y ago

We finished the first tin of 400g of formula before 1 month was up, because I had to do frequent top ups. Now, I don’t even need formula anymore:) don’t worry... give your milk supply some time to build up.

It’s just like us adults, after we poo there is more space for more food. My baby would do this when he was a NB and I always stuck to the feed on demand belief. Trust little one and believe in yourself! You always have milk, you are never “empty” and these early days are tough for totally worth it.

Milk is always enough. Supply by demand. If bby is impatient just carry bby to calm him first while waiting fr ur milk to resupply. Then latch bby after tt.

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Breast milk for baby especially new born they poo often. Don’t stress yourself mummy, if not enough, it’s ok to mix feed

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Switch sides when feeding or if baby usually feeds only one side, feed the other side during he next feed

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I rely on mixed feeding. Formula can keep baby full for a longer time especially during night feeds.