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Hi mummies. Any idea how I can boost my milk supply? I’m only a month post partum. Yet my milk supply is getting lesser everyday. Used to breastfeed but baby had jaundice and doctor advised that breast milk might cause jaundice too depending on what mummy eats (especially ginger and red dates). Yikes.. my MIL put lots of ginger in my food to release gas. So I stopped taking ginger and stopped breastfeeding for a while to clear my body of ginger. Gave LO formula. Tried to still pump my milk but then now milk supply is getting way less. Like just 40ml. What can I do to boost my milk supply 🥺

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Option 1: Power Pump every 3hrs 20mins pump 10mins rest 10mins pump 10mins rest 10mins pump Option 2: Take Fenugreek supplement (from GNC also have) to boost lactation. Option 3: Don’t give up and keep on direct latch; supply and demand. Option4: Drink plenty of water, 3L at least. Option 5: Engage a lactation consultant or a masseuse to massage your breast every before pump session. Option 6: Do all of the above and your milk supply will increase tremendously cause I did it with the help of supplements, direct latch on cracked nipples 😣 (pls standby nipple cream, Medela works best for me) and diligently power pump the first week after I got discharged from hospital. My massage lady also helped loosen the knots in my breast for a smoother flow. Now I only pump every 12hrs (cause it’s a real commitment) and my supply is about 200-270ml at 2 weeks post partum. Not so bad I guess as compared to the first few days I only got 10-20ml. I store my EBM in bags of 60-90ml for now. My diet is porridge with steamed fish everyday because I don’t have much appetite anymore. I keep a bottle of water with me wherever I go in the house and drink up every hour. I still take fenugreek supplement and do direct latch in between baby’s feedings to stimulate my supply.

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