Got pregnant after losing a parent

Hi mummies! I lost my dad a couple of months ago and till now, I still find myself grieving over the loss. Sometimes I’m ok, some days are just hard. And then, months after that, I got pregnant. I felt so happy when I found out. I’m almost 13 weeks now and at times, I find myself thinking about my late dad more and then it hits me. Hard. I know my mental health is important to my growing baby’s well-being. I hope there’s someone out there who’s had the same experience as me, and how you actually learn to cope with it. It may just be the pregnancy hormones after all. :)

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hihi, sending lots hugs and kisses 🥰 I lost my dad more than 10 years ago but still feel lost and down at times, especially festive seasons and around his birthday. my mom and I always talk about how we wish my dad is still around, to see my adorable little fellow bouncing about, send him to school, bring him for walks along ECP, my dad's favourite hunt... but since he is not here, we learn that we must cherish our moments together twice as much, in his place, and pray that we maybe reunited as family again in another life 🙏

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Sending you lots of love and hugs. Every time you think of your papa, just know that he is watching over you. And it will be his wish that you and your baby are happy. His Love continue to run through you to your baby. So cheer up, focus on being a happy mama. A happy mana, a healthy baby and a peaceful papa in heaven. Take good care and God bless you and baby.

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Hi mummy, firstly congratulations on expecting your bundle of joy. I know how you feel about loosing a family member. But do have a chat with your husband about how you feel, at least there's someone to be there for you during this time. I know its hard but stay strong, and don't forget to take care of yourself too 🙆🏻‍♀️

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12mo ago

Thank you so much for this! Yes it’s hard, especially when I think about how my child won’t be able to meet this wonderful person that is my dad. I guess I need to take better care of myself from now on. Have a great evening!

Super Mum

Hey mama...I just wanna say that I’m sending you lots of love and prayers right now. I know it’s hard. Do reach out for help if you need it - talking to others or even a professional would be good and might help alleviate the grief in time. Do be patient with yourself and love yourself okay ❤️

12mo ago

Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate you saying that i need to be patient with myself. I thought one extreme emotion would be able to negate the other. I just need to get used to both emotions existing simultaneously. Have a great evening, mummy!

Hi, you nt alone. i lost my mum and a wk later i get to knw im.pregnant.. my mum has been waiting for me to have a child.. finally pregnant after 10yrs marriage. i also always thinking abt my mum n she will be happy she knew im pregnant.. whatever it is... just pray for them.. hug!

Hi, Congratulations to you and so many hugs to you !! Always remember that you are strong and you are about to welcome a new life in the world. Always share your feelings with your loved ones and do not hesitate to ask for help All the best to you !!

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For me. I cried too thinking of my father who passed on. But after crying, telling my hubby about feeling down. I just went back to normal. It’s ok to be down but don’t let it last too long as I was advised babies can feel mummy’s emotion too