Got pregnant after losing a parent

Hi mummies! I lost my dad a couple of months ago and till now, I still find myself grieving over the loss. Sometimes I’m ok, some days are just hard. And then, months after that, I got pregnant. I felt so happy when I found out. I’m almost 13 weeks now and at times, I find myself thinking about my late dad more and then it hits me. Hard. I know my mental health is important to my growing baby’s well-being. I hope there’s someone out there who’s had the same experience as me, and how you actually learn to cope with it. It may just be the pregnancy hormones after all. :)

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hihi, sending lots hugs and kisses 🥰 I lost my dad more than 10 years ago but still feel lost and down at times, especially festive seasons and around his birthday. my mom and I always talk about how we wish my dad is still around, to see my adorable little fellow bouncing about, send him to school, bring him for walks along ECP, my dad's favourite hunt... but since he is not here, we learn that we must cherish our moments together twice as much, in his place, and pray that we maybe reunited as family again in another life 🙏

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