Lost mummy trying to pick herself up again

Hello mummies!! I had a job before giving birth to my daughter, then I stopped for 7 months to take care of her and went back to work after that. I worked for about 3 months and came the circuit breaker, I lost about 50% of my job. So I was panic then, I quickly took up another new job thinking that I would feel secured and happy. 2 months into the new job I found that I wasn’t fit onto the team. Workload was ok, I believe in my work performance but I didn’t get along well with the colleagues. After much endurance for 6 months, I quit the job as it took a toll on me and my family cause I was so stressed out. Now I’m taking a break, thinking of what I should do. I wanted to find a job that allows me to work from home and to be on site sometimes. However, I’m kind of lost. I want to pick up myself again. Any mummies encounter similar problems like me?

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Yup was a horrible horrible experience, but now When I shifted my focus to preparing myself for my pregnancy and my baby i feeling so much happier, it’s as if I lifted myself out of my traumas and bad feelings

Hi mum, I gave up my first job for the marriage . I gave up my second job for my 2 kids. Now I am working from home. Don't worry you will find suitable job soon.

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Hi mummy what kind of job are you doing right now? I’d like to do something that allows me to work from home too as long as not sales/telemarketing.