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Hi, I am a low supply mum of a 3 weeks old baby (combined output of around 30ml after 25 mins of pumping). Have been fully pumping every 3 hourly as baby does not want to latch since birth and baby has jaundice so I supplement with formula to ensure he has enough fluid intake. Any ideas how to increase my supply? Been taking fenugreek capsules and also lactation cookies but nothing seem to help with the supply. Also power pump once a day.

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Fenugreek does not suit all lactating mummies. Some had their supply decreased. I tried and I had very bad gastric pain and my supply was still low after that. Lactation cookies also may not help. Try eating oats instead. You're still early, only 3 weeks pp. Milk supply can take up to 4 mths to establish so don't worry and keep pumping, also drink lots of water. Breastmilk is made up of around 80% of water so you need to drink up ok. Also try milo or avocado, these 2 may help to increase milk supply.

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10mo ago

ok! Will continue trying to establish my supply 😊 thanks for your reply and advice!

I have inverted nipples and low supply too been 30ml first few weeks. I'm on pump princess and sunflower lecithin. Now it's slightly better at 50ml. Massage while pumping. Squeeze ur boobs and make sure u don't feel any lumps. Just keep massaging while u pump. You have to drink more water and milk yourself also.

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