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Hi mummies. How do you know that your breast milk is enough for your baby? Do you take supplements or anything? If yes, what are the supplements? Thank you.

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Yes as recommended by my gynae, I took 4 types of vitamin. Calcium is a must it will affect our bone issue when we older. Fish oil with dha for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Multi vitamins Vitamin C, this really must as bfing mummy if you caught a flu you can't have fou med it will cause your supply to be low.

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if you are pumping it’s easy to tell, if u latch, just check if baby is gaining weight well n diaper output is well. supplement wise u can try legendairymilk sg, go over to their facebook or instagram n message them, they can guide u

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If the baby is doing okay with normal diaper output. I do try to increase my breast milk supply with milk boosting food like spinach and oats and indulge in lactation bakes.

I'm taking Fenugreek! Works really well for me :)