Diapers recommendation ?

Hello mummies, May i know what diapers brand is good for newborn? Any recommendation? Thank you in advance ?

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You might want to consider whoopee. But brands easy to find a recommended would be Drypers and huggies.

rascal and friends. can hold bb's pee from midnight till about 7 or 8am without changing it

Pampers. I like that they have urine indicator at the front part of the diaper.

You can also go online to ask for samples (from Drypers & Huggies) to try out first.

3y ago

Yes requested.. but very slow waiting time that is why i asking first for recommendation hehe🥰

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Merries... so far has been using that and baby is 3 months now

Pampers premium.. guardian has 50% when u buy online

Using merries. Mamypoko airfit is fine too.

huggies platinum and mammypoko airfit


Pamper premium, merries, off spring.

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Pampers or mamy poko