Hi mummies, I am feeling upset. My baby girl ( now 5 months plus) prefer my Husband alot. When papa is with her, she won't cry . He can bath , change, feed her she won't cry at all. But when baby is with me, she will cry when I change , feed her etc. :( This is so sad. Papa need to be within her sight or be the one attending to her . She will cry loudly if were me. I try to build bonding between us by talking and playing and feeding but it is so difficult cuz she keep Crying . Btw I am a EBM mum. No latching. Anyone experience this too ? Will they out grown this stage ? From a heartbroken mum.

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I exclusively pumped for 10 months since Day 1 (before I stopped breastfeeding), so I can understand how you feel! Sometimes, I really hated my pumps because I was stuck to it and couldn't spend time with my son. I'd say that it's not a "forever" situation, your husband is a hands-on dad so you should be happy to have his help! If you'd like to foster more bonding with you and your daughter, you can try getting your husband to look after her beside you while you pump at home - it could be being on the same bed and singing/talking to her while you pump, get your husband to help just in case she moves or rolls away so she doesn't get hurt :) Also, it's natural for all children to stick to their mother no matter how old they are - my 25 month old is okay with playing with Grandpa and Grandma, but at the end of the day, he still needs me around especially when he's upset or frustrated! It's a natural bond and they also recognise our scent in order to find us (just a fun fact) because their sight isn't very developed until they're about 1 year old or so :)

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