While sleeping, my 3 months old baby would occasionally throw her hands upwards and tremble. She may also cry out loud after throwing her hands up. This may happen for no reason (no sudden loud noise or no one touch her suddenly). My mum blames me for not swaddling her, but she dislikes being swaddled since we brought her home. She will force herself out of the swaddle when we swaddle her during her deep sleep, or cry to get out of the swaddle if she can't escape. Now, my mum wants to wrap her hand tightly so that her hands will not "fly" upwards when she startles. She says that my baby has Jing Feng and wants to feed my baby with Jing Feng San. Should I stop her?

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From what I've read, babies would move around in their sleep because they are still unable to control their reflexes and responses to stimuli (e.g., noise, temperature). These movements are harmless but you can try holding down the arm or leg to help stop those kicks and punches. If you observe twitches while your baby is awake, or if he/she had spasms, may be good to highlight to the doctor to check for seizures. In general, these kicks and punches would likely decrease as your baby grows. For more information: http://www.parents.com/baby/sleep/basics/baby-weird-sleep-habits/ Some babies do not take well to swaddling, so it kind of depends on whether your baby is alright with it.

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I was told tht jing fen shan contains mercury. I used to feed LO tht too, but makes no difference. LO still get startled easily. if I didn't remember wrongly, is a tcm physician told one of my mummies friend tht it contains mercury and was asked to stop feeding.

My baby used to do that too when she was younger but we stopped swaddling her when she was two weeks old as she slept in a non air conditioned room with us.

maybe she doesnt feel secure. u can try to put those green bean pillows or buckwheat pillows on her. my LO had this problem when he was younger before.

You can consider letting you baby slp facing down.. Thats our solution the same problem..

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can put a small bean pillow on the back if slping face down or on the chest if slping on their back...

Very normal. Reflex actions. My baby would do it too. Now she's 6 months and doesn't happen anymore

Try the love to dream swaddle. It works for both my kids. https://lovetodream.com.au/

is normal. give her some jing feng san.

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Try swaddle up .. Its good