2.5 months old baby refuse to drink milk when she is awake

Hi mummies My baby is 2.5 months old This week she never ask for milk when she is awake, but when it’s time (3-4hours interval) i try to feed her but she cry murder and refuse milk!! The only way i can feed her now is let her sleep then i dream feed her even in the day - this way she finish the milk🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I tried not to dream feed her in the day, result is she can dont drink for 6 hours straight and never ask for milk Plus she is entering ifc soon, what if they dont know how to handle her and in the end never feed her properly? Anyone experience the same? If it’s a phase how long will it last? Or is there any tips on how to handle this? It is definitely not the teat issue cos the moment the milk drop from its teat she cry and angry, refuse milk. But when i put pacifier she is ok

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Just want to share not sure if it is relevant to your case.Suddenly I rmb my PD remind me that baby reflux(I rmb I read somewhere mention that your baby has reflux too) sometimes will have difficulty in feeding hence sometimes the caregiver will force the baby to drink the milk.Once baby struggle with forcing to drink milk,they will remember and whenever they see milk bottle they will reject the milk as they remember the bad experience. PD suggested once reject then wait for about 5min then slowly introduce the milk bottle again to baby.

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Oh no. You must be very stress about it. I read somewhere that it is a phase that baby will experience milk strike. U try to feed in a quiet environment with less distraction.

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