Hi mummies, how many VSOP Martel bottles or DOM did you all set aside for your confinement period? I intend to do 1.5 month confinement but heard that too much intake is not good if doing breastfeeding.

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My Husband family gave me 1 Martell, 4 DOM, 4 YMS & 1 dunno what brand herbal wine. I drank one Pak at night. Was told to drink in the morning but I didn't.. I prefer at night so that I can zzz better. Finished a bottle plus in a month plus.

I hardly took any n so much left in the cupboard. Firstly are u a person who will take stuff cooked w it? If bf then just have to boil longer to evaporate the alcohol more n try to take it at the longest interval from latching baby

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i did my confinement for 48 days. i still have balance of my DOM and plus few other Martels n DOM whuch given by my inlaw. 1btl uaually can last. But it is really depends how much u use. Usually, breast feeding, i add a little.

I use DOM. Abt 4-5 bottles throughout the confinement. Not drink directly but use it to cook the black chicken herbal soup. The alcohol will somehow evaporate off. No alcohol smell.

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Only had one bottle of DOM used in cooking, but even so .. less than 1/3 of it I think? Body was too heaty so couldn't drink any more, food also stopped adding after two weeks

1btl of Dom is enough for 28days confinement if you take 1 shot daily. Breastfeeding moms can't intake so much alcohol

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I took quite alot of Vsop Martel .. every 3 days 1 bottle. As for DOM i dont like the taste so i only took about 1

depends on individual. some don't take alcohol at all. some use them for cooking confinement food.

I didn’t consume at all coz try to avoid alcohol as breastfeeding LO

I nv drink any even though they were given to me as gift