Keeping LO cool without aircon

Hi mummies, how do you keep your LO cool without depending on aircon? My LO will get angry when he is feeling hot on his back so we had been letting him sleep in his sarong in the day. At night we will turn the aircon on so he have no problem sleeping in his bed. But as he is 4 months old now, he start moving alot in his sarong. (For some reason, he like to face down in his sarong in tummy time position). I wanted him to drop the habit and sleep in his own bed in the day but do not like the idea of having the aircon on 24hr as it will dry up his skin. Any good suggestion from mummies will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. ?

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I have 2 fans in my baby’s room. One is pointing at the bed but tilted slightly upwards. The other one is an air circulator fan to cool down the room (can bring it down by 1-2 degrees, and also acts as white noise). Still cheaper than air con and doesn’t dry the skin.

How about putting him under a ceiling fan? If no ceiling fan, you can try getting him a small portable clip fan & clip at the side of his cot. Or else just use a normal fan, make it auto rotate, don't blow at him directly.

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When the aircon is on you can put a bowl of water or humidifier in the room to make it less dry. I have the aircon on almost all day especially when baby is more active since sweating a lot can cause skin sensitivity also

During the day, you can cool the room in aircon first. Than turn on only the fan. Try to let him sleep on his sides, flipping him time to time. I let my LO sleep in air con 25 degrees, in night. He sleeps well :)

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My LO is 5 months. Since 5 weeks old, I let her go topless and with socks when the weather is hot.

how about fan?

4y ago

We on the fan 24hr but baby still feel hot especially his back.

Get a fan.

4y ago

We do have fan but his back still feel hot. 😨