3 months baby sleeping on tummy

My 3 month old baby is already able to flip and roll since 2.5 months. But the worrying thing now is, he now prefers to sleep on his tummy. I wld always put him down on his back but somehow in his slp he will turn to his tummy or sleep side lying. Whenever I see it, I'll turn him to his bck slowly but tt's when he'll wake up and started crying and it's hard to get him to sleep again. I've ever let him sleep on his tummy while monitoring him the whole time and he cld sleep a solid 2 hrs nap, as opposed to just half to an hour in the afternoon. Both my mom and MIL said can just let him slp on his tummy as long as nothing ard in his cot tt can suffocate him but I'm just so worried esp at night cz sometimes he look like as if he just faceplants himself on the mattress. He wld usually sleep for abt 5-6 hrs at night. Do any parents let ur baby to sleep on his/her tummy, especially through the night? #1stimemom

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It's ok if he's alr started rolling. Babies know how to adjust their positions so tt they wont suffocate themselves. Most SIDS cases happened cz there were obstructions in their sleeping area. So it's true what ur moms said, as long as u have nth inside and put him on his bck when he first sleeps shld be ok. My own babies too like to slp on their tummies. You can try to read this: https://sg.theasianparent.com/babies-sleeping-positions It says 4 months but I guess ur baby is fast to be able to roll at 2.5 months!

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Hi, it is quite common actually. Our 4 month old prefers to sleep on his tummy, and it’s more comfortable for him and easier to fall asleep too, which we found out later. So not to worry, don’t really have to turn him around. At this age the child knows how to keep his/her airway open during sleeping. Just ensure no blankets or other stuff are lying around the headspace.

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pls don’t let him sleep on his tummy throughout the night or even daytime, pls have an adult with him when he zzz on his tummy. i’m afraid you might need to check in on him during night time and to flip him back when he’s at deep sleep.

I have 3 child and when my baby can roll over they preferring to sleep on his tummy..and its ok and normal but I always keep an eye of them as often aa possible

My son is also same. I always turn him side. luckily he wakes up rarely.


yes we do with frequent monitoring