Aircon or Fan ?

Hi mummies. Do you often put your baby in an aircon room? Is it okay to let baby sleep in room temperature ? My baby recently has a rashes on his cheek and his neck. It seems like a heat rash. But I’m aware of the high electricity bill in singapore so I less open aircon for him except on night time. Will this harm my baby? Please advice ..

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I on aircon at night (I need the aircon more than my baby does! Lol!!) Day time, we just use fan as it’s quite windy at my area, especially when all doors and windows are opened.

I let my baby wear cotton mesh clothing for sleep and only turn on the fan. Aircon when baby sweats but will turn it off after room is cool, while keeping the fan turned on.

Hi, Using fan is fine but do use the aircon when it is hot. You can maintain the temperature of room by running the aircon for a while and then switching it off

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Use aircon at night only when it's hot otherwise, use fan at full speed. Use sleepsuit & half swaddle to cover her.


can try apply powder or lotion. I let my baby sleep in Aircon room only at night. I don't want baby get used to it.

i think it’s fine to use aircon, but not throughout or set the temp too cold

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Aircon only at night when its hot

Only use aircon at night