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Hi mummies is it normal for 3months baby actually coming to 4 months in a week time will have his nap only about 30 mins. He will sleep longer if i held him but when i put him down he will wake up. Tried to put him in yaolan swing hoping that he can sleep longer but still the same. Any mummies experience the same thing? Will it get better as time goes?

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Oh no! Not sure if it’s the same thing. Mine also the same. Refuse to sleep on his own. Everytime he’s asleep, put him in the crib, 20mins later he’ll wake up. But he slept so well on my chest. He can actually sttn on my chest. But he was younger. Think around 1 month old when he did that. So I was still on ML. Thank god. So, for my own sanity, I just let him sleep on my chest every night. Until he turns 3 months, then we co sleep till now. His crib is now just a store room 😂 I’m not really sure if it’s normal, but I think baby feel more secure and safe when we’re with them I guess.

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Yup yup totally same age and same situation as you haha. I don’t know if it’s normal but I actually had to literally sit beside him and pat him back to sleep immediately in order to get him to take longer naps. Thanks to CB, I get to WFH and continue to do the same and hopefully by then he is able to sleep longer on his own. Hang in there mommy!

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4y ago

Ohhh yes me too sit n pat him back to sleep. Unfortunately will be going back to work. It will be hard for my mum to take care. Hope it will get better! Thanks ya.

My 7 month old had this issue. 30mins nap thing. Now I will play with her till she is super tired then put her to nap (she naps up to 2hrs) If she is hungry before nap, I will feed her 3/4 full. That way she doesn’t feel too bloated throughout her nap :)

Hi, just wondering if you’ve had any luck putting baby down on the bed to sleep? My 4.5month old refuses to sleep unless she’s in a carrier / held! Tips would be greatly appreciated!