Hi mummies, how to cook salmon for 8+ m old baby? Any recipe ?

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you can steam it on it's own, or add some goji berries and ginger, oven baked with mix herbs, or some butter and garlic, pan seared with some olive oil, or make it into nuggets with some flour and eggwash dip,coat with breadcrumbs,can airfry, or bake.

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i usually pan fry my salmon with some garlic salt and pepper... or if i want it to be creamy... u can prepare the sauce... google tuscan salmon.. easy and super delicious.. my girl love her fish

Hey Miracle, i steam or pan fry it plain with some mashed potatoes. At the most ill add a tinge if butter. Taste delicious, you can also make it for the whole family. :)

hi, usually i'll use the below methods for my salmon :- - steam with some ginger - marinade with orange and bake in oven - pan fry with some butter

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tomato diced, stir fry w unsalted butter, add some sesame oil and herbs, add fish, sautee, close lid and simmer until its cooked. serve.

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if your kids are 1yo and above, you can add some lemon/apper cider vinegar and soya sauce. i will spice it up a little. i always add black vinegar because i like that taste. 😋

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Steam With Red Dates and Spinach ..add abit of olive oil

Baked with organic butter and little dash of salt.

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i usually steam, and air fry

Steam is the best.

Grill or steam