Hi mommy. Any great food recipe for 8months old. How to cook and served them. Must i need to give 3 meals or what. Do you have pictures.. Please help. Thanks mummy.

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My 10mo staple food everyday is porridge with veggies and fish or meat. I think it will be good to start off with fish. Can steal salmon , cod fish or threadfin fish for her. As for veggies you can also give broccoli, cauliflower, spinach , sweet Potato, potato, Cai Xin. For me I don't purée the veggies when she was 8mo because my gal already knows how to mash food with her gums before swallowing so it depends if your baby is like this too. I will just steam it until it is very soft then I will give small pieces to her. For porridge I will mix white rice with Millet and cook them with pork stock. I also give my gal Heinz baby star pasta , cooking it with the pork stock and adding egg yolk and veggies in it too.

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My bub is 7 months now. Im giving him bread for breakfast. Vegetables for lunch. Apples for tea break. Have yet to start with dinner. Broccoli with cheese Salmon pan fried with mashed potatoes Apples with cinnamon puree Sweet potato with carrots. Try out these few common mix, they taste real good. I tried it!

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I give 2 meals a day - breakfast is porridge and evening time is puree - mostly puree vegetable. Sometime during lunch I let him try my salmon or chicken - but like once a week lunch only. Otherwise standard 2 meals a day

Not sure how adventurous u are, u may like to check out https://m.facebook.com/pg/BBCheongDD/photos/?tab=album&album_id=646735708838840

Breakfast: Cereal Lunch: Porridge Teabreak: Apple Puree Dinner: Cereal

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