Hi mommy. Any great food recipe for 8months old. How to cook and served them. Must i need to give 3 meals or what. Do you have pictures. Please help. Thanks mummy.

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hello. it is not a must to have 3 meals, its your child so u can decide when u want to have 3 meals. some people even have 3 meals from 7 months onwards but in low for quantities. baby's main source of nutrients should be still milk, 500-600ml at least. but if baby really rejecting milk, u can also adjust it and give more food? this is a time when u can mix the fruits/veg/rice that you have previously exposed LO to. u can do 1) spinach, chicken, broccoli and rice. steam then blend together before mixing it with soft cooked rice 2) salmon and pumpkin with rice. steam the pumpkin 5 min, (skinless & boneless) salmon stem 5 min onto of the pumpkin. check that it is cooked. cool and mash then mix with rice 3) sweet potato and avocado mash - steam and mash together, mixing in cream cheese and water too

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My LO just turned 8 Mths today :) but he didn't eat as much as the attached. I've just started him on 2 meals a day because the poly nurse said I'm underfeeding my LO in terms of both milk n solid So now I try to increase everything

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8-10 months

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